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Discussion Community Forum. I am thinking about buying the ultra Shop multi-tool

Discussion Community Forum. I am thinking about buying the ultra Shop multi-tool

Discussion Community Forum. I am thinking about buying the ultra Shop multi-tool

Im contemplating purchasing the ultra store multi-tool. I have been taking into consideration the Shopsmith, nevertheless the ability to work with metal (lathe, factory, etc.) is just why i’m taking into consideration the ultra store.

Does people have knowledge about this device? I would like both the bad and the good. Thanks for the support.


I am who owns a Shopsmith MarkV Model 510 approximately 16 ages. In addition struggled to obtain the business throughout middle 90s as nationwide purchases and service manager. It’s a great device with several benefits and drawbacks on the program. Strengths integrate flexibility and ease in transferring from work to a different and posting of perspectives. The drill press feature is first class although a touch too fast for large forstner parts and the band saw is very good for what truly; a tiny band-saw. Negatives include difficulty in adjusting to essentially okay tolerances considering that the sleep associated with dining table watched seriously isn’t everything sturdy. (You figure out how to conform to it inside techniques.) The lathe, while of use, was a tiny bit lightweight and can vibrate with larger turnings unless you include the rate reducer (about a $300 alternative) in addition to brand new lathe software relax ($75?). The desk noticed having its tilting dining table are hard to slash sides on with big products, piece items specifically.

What said, the unit keeps over supported my desires these age and I also’ve merely got one big repair, a motor replacement about 36 months ago, a rather simple Do-it-yourself task.

Would I buy a differnt one? I would personally if I was at exactly the same developmental levels as next (5 years in to the pastime) and had limited space. The dimensions helps it be distinctive for the services you will get. It is perfect for a tiny hobbiest working area.

I have eventually was able to protect a free of charge waiting shop of 20 x 30 and, if money are no object, I would getting upgrading to individual gear. That’s not inside spending budget until after I retire thus I’ll be utilizing this for another fifteen years roughly.

You will find perhaps not used the full Shop but have a friend exactly who struggled to obtain them. The guy said that it had been better quality the Mark V, weighs in at nearly double the amount, it is fraught with similar problems because the Mark V when working in material, less therefore in lumber.

In case you are currently relatively carried out during this, you will end up dissatisfied in a choice of if you do not has space limits which call for a trade-off in any event.

It is like those fax, backup, printers they offer. It can much but none of it really well. For the money you can do better with used seperates and just have soemthing that may do it’s work really well. We believe like shopsmith, merely beginners with glazed over vision and drooling mouths with well over filled wallets fall for these items. I nevertheless remember those hour-long advertisements associated with the shopsmith late into the evening. In my opinion which a sure indication a product is not any great. I have been a woodworker and metal individual for thirty one thing ages and consider that is the worst things you can invest your hard earned money with the minimum return.

On the other hand when you have limited space and would like to manage smaller items and also lighter metal services it could be okay.

If you intend on having this activity severely i believe you will be let down in these resources. like people said, all of them generate sacrifices to get versatile. The greater number of event you get the more dissapointed you will end up with the machines limits. If you possess the area, unmarried purpose gadgets is a better investment.

we intend to have to agree to differ. Shopsmith features an excellent means line. Issued they may not be the top, throughout of the methods but, they’ve been definitely better than countless different, appliance manufacturers.The accuracy and accuracy, and additionally access, of many gear to execute certain employment, has actually kept the product range running a business for almost half a century.

I’d anticipate any business who is going to vie for this period of time, from the manufacturing leaders including Rockwell & standard. must be doing something appropriate.

All skilled tradesmen have their very own personal preference in what methods they choose to use, with regards to the task that needs to be accomplished.

I would suggest it is not the appliance which makes the ways, oahu is the people just who makes use of the device.

(To forestgirl, SORRY. Person that improve artwork.) 🙂

Sincerely your own C.A.G.


Thank you everyone to suit your responses. Area are my limiting element, but, after your own suggestions, In my opinion I would be much better off to need individual equipments or maybe see an used shopsmith to complement my technicians spotted. Once again thank you for your own suggestions. Walt

Should you go combination honestly check Felder, Rojek, Hammer, Knapp etc. and they also hold her expense greater. Put may be the only way to purchase how to message someone on daddyhunt a shopsmith if you truly must however if you have got put different brand names you are going to awfully disappointed total.

I looked at the Shopsmith and journeyed observe a demo at Lowes. I happened to be impressed with what they could perform in a small space. But, I thought there might be some troubles focusing on larger projects and piece goods. I was nervous that I would rapidly outgrow the shopsmith after which might have an important investments in something that I happened to ben’t utilizing a great deal. I must say I did not and getn’t have a good need for that horizontal boring aspect of the maker.

We took my time. Went along to estate deals. Shopped for new products and informed myself about what works for me personally in the long run. I discovered a beneficial cupboard noticed, a drill newspapers, a dust collector and a 6″ jointer for less than 2K. If you’d like to create the bandsaw into shopsmith the price because of their smaller unit try near to the things I located a 14″ noticed that i take advantage of every day inside my shop. My complications was actually i needed everything today. Over twenty five years after inexperienced woodworking i will be however purchase toys and adding to the collection. If you don’t have to possess everything right now and you have the bedroom to do so i believe you’re going to be pleased ultimately to put together a shop of specific devices. In the event that you actually take time to go shopping and google search you can easily placed outstanding store together.

In addition. I do has a Shopsmith today. It actually was directed at me after a neighbors partner passed away. We used it as a horizontal painful equipment double since I first got it.

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