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POLY MIXED RELATIONSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono commitment.

POLY MIXED RELATIONSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono commitment.

POLY MIXED RELATIONSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono commitment.

POLY/MONO; additionally , MONO/POLY: Colloquial Of or relating to a commitment between somebody who self-identifies as polyamorous and a person who self-identifies as monogamous.

POLY-SATURATED: Colloquial Polyamorous , although not presently open to newer relationships or new lovers due to the wide range of current couples, or due to times constraints which can make latest affairs hard. Contrast polyunsaturated. Usage: typically thought about entertaining or a little absurd. Is apparently most typical largely inside the american United States.

POLYSEXUAL: Colloquial Of or about interactions which are intimately nonaˆ“ monogamous but that aren’t mentally intimate. Use: often condescending or derogatory; as statement is not really polyamorous, but only polysexual. May indicate dismissal or derision of this relationship so named. Discover appropriate moving.

POLY-UNSATURATED: (Colloquial) Polyamorous , and currently looking for or prepared for latest partners. Distinction poly-saturated. Use: typically regarded funny or slightly ridiculous. Appears to be most commonly known mostly inside the western United States.

PRIMARY/SECONDARY: A polyamorous commitment construction in which one has multiple partners who are not comparable to the other person regarding interconnection, mental strength, intertwinement in useful or monetary matters, or electricity inside the union. A person in a primary/secondary union possess one (or occasionally, multiple) biggest companion and one or maybe more extra secondary or tertiary couples. A primary/secondary relationship might be aˆ?prescriptiveaˆ? (definitely, a major couple knowingly and intentionally produces some formula wherein any extra lovers include second, often since this can be regarded as a mechanism that will protect the prevailing partnership from harm caused by further relations) or it might be aˆ?descriptive,aˆ? and arise from the nature and the scenario from the commitment. Read connected tertiary, veto. Discourse: used, prescriptive primary/secondary relations may create an atmosphere where folks in those further relations feel unappreciated or trivial, and that’s why some experienced polyamorous people don’t create their relations along enforced primary/secondary lines.

CHIEF: In a primary/secondary connection, anyone (or people) when you look at the relationship using the highest degree of participation or entanglement, or sometimes anyone accorded one particular value. A person might be main either as an all-natural consequence of the situation and nature associated with union (for the reason that it individual provides the biggest amount of financial entanglement, eg), or as a planned consequence of the relationship design and agreements (as in happening of an existing pair who attempted to add extra couples best in the disease that those established associates are seen as aˆ?less importantaˆ? versus couple). Read also co- primary; comparison additional, tertiary. Commentary: People who intentionally seek to make a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary traces usually designate only one commitment as the biggest partnership. People who don’t seek to make a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary lines have one or more biggest connection; a relationship turns out to be primary whenever it achieves a particular point of mental engagement, useful entanglement, or both.

QUAD: A polyamorous commitment concerning four men, each of whom might or might not become sexually and emotionally a part of all of those other users. Read related N. discourse: the most common techniques for a quad to form is when two polyamorous people start passionate relationships cross-couple .

COMMITMENT ANARCHY: a philosophy or practise whereby individuals are viewed as liberated to participate in any interactions they select, that spontaneity and freedom were desirable and required traits in healthier interactions, that no commitment need inserted into or restricted from a feeling of duty or obligation, that any commitment preference is actually (or need) permitted, as well as mature quality singles mobile site in which there isn’t always a very clear difference between aˆ?partneraˆ? and aˆ?non-partner.aˆ?

CONNECTION POSITIONING: a preference for intimate or enjoying connections of some kind; since, eg, a desires for interactions which have been monogamous, for relationships that are polyfidelitous, for interactions that are polyamorous, and so forth. Discover relating change (Def. 1). Discourse: Just as some people think their unique sexual positioning try liquid and a question of preference in which other folks think their intimate direction was solved rather than at the mercy of alternatives, very do some men and women believe that their connection direction are susceptible to alternatives whereas other individuals feel their particular commitment positioning isn’t a matter of possibility. It has been my personal observance that people appear to be naturally monogamous, and canaˆ™t end up being delighted every other method; people seem to be naturally polyamorous, and canaˆ™t be happy any other ways; and some individuals seem to be ready, beneath the right conditions and with the correct associates, getting happy in a monogamous or a polyamorous relationship. (from over Two glossary.)

SAPIOSEXUAL: adjective (of individuals) finding cleverness sexually attractive or stimulating.aˆ?I came across a PhD scholar from Germany just who said which he had been sapiosexual or noun someone who discovers intelligence intimately attractive or arousing.aˆ?Iaˆ™m a sapiosexual and that I choose talk.aˆ?

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