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There are remediation options for policies experiencing a significant decrease in death benefit after policy maturity

  • The total death benefit plus cash value Maturity Extension is typically associated with universal life contracts that have an “increasing” death benefit. Most increasing death benefit contracts have a total death benefit equal to the death benefit plus the cash value in the policy. After policy maturity, the total death benefit will continue to equal the base death benefit plus the remaining cash value.
  • The greater of total death benefit or cash value, is the most common provision on universal life contracts. A policy designed to mature with minimal cash value with this provision would continue beyond maturity with the death benefit in place just prior to the maturity date. Alternatively, if the cash value at maturity is in excess of the policy's face amount, the death benefit provided by the maturity extension provision would equal the cash value.
  • Some universal life insurance policies have supplemental coverage, which increases the total death benefit.

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